Pregnant with Hope

In less than two months we have come a long way
And yes, we have many more dragons to slay
Though Zuma has gone, there’s still many a crony
And brothers called Ajay and Atul and Tony.

In a decade this scum has sucked all our air
Corrupt to the core without compassion or care
Our SOE’s have been brought to their knees
And our State has been captured by the greed of this sleaze.

SARS was derailed and the hawks lost their wings
As our very own President did unspeakable things
We were sliding down hill with each passing hour
While he washed his sins away in a shower.

The rainbow gleam of our shining democracy
Was in danger of becoming a complete ineptocracy
Week after week with a new range of stenches
As Number 1 giggled and shuffled the benches.

The rot of our head was guarded by keepers
And the rest looked sadly like reapers or sleepers
But thankfully though, some brave souls held strong
Those heroes who know their right from their wrong.

While gravy train pigswill was lapped up so loudly
Good men and women stood gallant and proudly
They threw their bodies in front of this bus
For a better South Africa for each one of us.

Some will stay silent, but they’ll get their rewards
And we might wish that others will fall on their swords
Perhaps ‘Butter Mielie’ will finally go
‘Faithless’ and Zwane and those useless and slow.

Wipe Brown away and put Dudu to sleep
Trim the eyebrows of stuttering Shaun sheep
It will take some action, decisive and fast
But those complicit must have “heh – hehed” their last.

Cyril you’ll be hailed as our Nation’s third coming
After Christ and Madiba, we’ve had a rather rough bumming
We look up to you as a sign of salvation
And you have our support to rebuild our Nation.
We’ve been dragged through the depths and the dust and the dirt
Pain in lost trust, betrayal and hurt
The negative downgrades have been hardly surprising
But in this year of Madiba, his new Son is rising.

So, get out there and connect on the beaches
Engage with the students, go and speak with the teachers
Our previous error had lost his connection
Let’s not worry today about next year’s election.

But you’re not alone and we must work together
Though Zuma brought us to the end of our tether
We can greet warmly and cross our divides
And lift up our country from such diverse sides.

Good luck Mr. President, your task won’t be easy
As you unpick our way through the slime and the sleazy
Both corporate and cabinet are in need of a cleaning
As we find our way to new purpose and meaning.

While a decade of decadence has broken our souls
You outlined at SONA some magnificent goals
While we have felt shafted down a slippery slope
Thank You, Sir, for making us pregnant with Hope!

Steve Hall

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