Demographics and its impact upon society

In an airport lounge recently, waiting for a delayed flight, I caught sight of an article in Die Burger by Hermann Giliomee. Reading this led to a fascinating exchange of ideas with Professor Giliomee in Stellenbosch.

The focus of the lively conversation was demographics and its impact upon society’s excessive anti-social (we call it RED) behaviour.

Apparently whenever there is a bulge in the normal distribution of a population, behaviours change quite radically. When the bulge is an excessive number of young people, especially “hot headed males”, there is trouble. When 15 to 29 year olds make up more than 30% of the population there is a good chance that violence will follow. There are 67 countries in the world where there is such a bulge (South Africa is one of them) and there is violence in 60 of the 67.

What I found deeply disturbing was the observation that “political education and economic amelioration will not bring peace where there is conflict.  Educated and well-fed young males tend to greater violent unrest”.

Our only alternative is to “hold firm and wait it out”.

My mind is racing!  There must be a better way to help them see that playing BLUE (as we call it) is a better option than playing excessive RED?

Have you got any ideas as to how we can change this anti-social (RED) behaviour?

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