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Personal Energy Journey:

The Personal Energy Journey is a search to understand and master, on a sustainable basis, our own energy. We start by becoming aware of the crucial role that our energy plays in ALL our outcomes. We work better, play better, dance and sing better, drive better – even sleep better – when our personal energy is high. But when it is low, we slump. Inevitably we then see just how infectious human energy is.

Instructed by CoColin & Stevelin and Steve Hall who have worked together since 1992.

Colin has had a lifetime of corporate experience and understands “Power”.

Steve loves nature – tracking, walking, watching and writing. He understands Nature and its energy.

In a unique partnership they have explored History to find stories of good and bad leadership. They sought to access the wisdom of Old Cultures, especially our own in Africa. They have been fascinated by New Science and the magic of a Quantum World. They have studied all they can find about Human Physiology, Cell Behaviour and how the Human Brain works. And, most importantly, they have listened to and learnt from well over 50,000 fellow travellers on the journey to “Living Fully”.

What’s in the course?

Over 106 lectures and 4 hours of content! Fellow travellers will become aware of the importance of high personal energy in the rest of their lives, and they will have useful tools and understand how to use them.

Course requirements?

Nothing but your / their desire to learn and grow.

Who should attend?

Anyone who can read and write, and who wants to live life more fully.



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