delegatesconf roomscrabbleboardsColin and Steve recently facilitated a two day workshop for LUX Resorts and Hotels in Mauritius.

This is a newsletter sent to the employees by their CEO:

Dear Colleagues,
We were honoured two weeks ago to welcome in Mauritius two exceptional consultants, Colin Hall and his son Steven from “Learning to Lead” based in South Africa.

We were delighted that 105 leadership Team Members were able to participate in the a 2-day workshop de-livered by Colin and Steven at the Trianon Convention Centre.

This was an introduction to the first steps in our energy journey and through numerous activities, inspirational stories, experience sharing sessions and a lot of introspection, we were made aware of the effect our energy can have on the people around us.

We learnt that our energy is the key to all our outcomes. When our energy is high our outcomes improve. But when our energy is low (or worse, negative) our outcomes slump.

Our energy affects each other….positively and sadly, often negatively.

All our energy comes from relationships. If we play to enhance our Power, we hurt people. If we play to enhance Energy, they yield Energy. These are the Energy Behaviours and Power Behaviours and Colin calls them BLUE and RED…easier to remember!

Playing more BLUE than RED requires courage and a sincere intention to improve the quality of life for everyone around us. We all have the opportunity to exercise a choice and if we frequently make the choice to “PLAY Blue,” relationships in all spheres of life improve.
To put this knowledge into practice throughout LUX*; we have developed an internal team of 28 Energy Coaches and more will be trained for Reunion and Maldives.

Our Energy Coaches went through a further 3-day learning session with Colin and Steven and have emerged fully committed and passionate to get us all energized to bring our best self wherever we go.

Thank you to Tony and his wonderful team for hosting the training for the Energy Coaches.

With abundant BLUE energy at the heart of everything we do, I can see it creating a beautiful ripple effect reaching every new destination where LUX* will welcome guests to experience our unique hospitality with a wonderful touch of our personal energy.

In fact this program is so important and vital to enable all our Team Members to “HELP PEOPLE CELEBRATE LIFE.” That is compulsory for ALL our leaders to follow the full program.

I invite you all to join in with our Energy Coaches and make this the start of a magnificent journey for all of us. It’s time to be fully alive!

Sincerely Always,
Paul Jones

Swimming the Limpopo

swimming-the-LimpopoIf I am in CapeTown over a weekend, I almost always have Saturday breakfast with old friends, Ghani and Henri Kuiper. I love their company…we have the same breakfast every time because it’s a good English breakfast….and I love the drive over Sir Lowry’s Pass and Houw Hoek.

I always give lifts, though people say I shouldn’t…and I don’t take the R10 and R20 notes they offer!  I like their company, and I like to hear their stories.

Last week I dropped Lydia off at Bot Riviera. She is from Zimbabwe…many of my lifts are.  Zimbabwe or Malawi or Zambia, even D.R.C. and Cameroon! All over Africa, in fact.

Lydia works at the Bot Rivier hotel…and she told me that all the people who work there, “have swum the Limpopo”. They are all from over our borders! That means that the Bot Rivier High School has failed to produce one employable graduate for the local hotel!

In my language, those who have “swum the Limpopo” have got “oooomph” I call it.  They have enough personal energy to get here, find jobs here, keep jobs here…even create jobs here…while most of our matriculants, just don’t.

Experiences like those with Lydia, and most of those who are seeking lifts from me, strengthen my resolve to do something useful for our students…redouble our efforts to get our e-learning “Personal Energy Journey” program out there into our schools.

On another trip, Eddie got in at the Engen garage, beyond the turnoff to Stellenbosch, and asked if I was going to Bredasdorp! Eddie was from Zimbabwe, I couldn’t imagine why he was going there…another 15 minutes and you are on the beach at Arniston! He didn’t look like a beachy kind of guy.
“Why are you going to Arniston?” I asked…”what on earth gets you all the way from Zimbabwe to Bredasdorp?”
“I collect second hand truck and car inner tubes…and then take them back to Harare, where I sell them…to feed my family”.

Another Zimbawean with enough oooomph…energy…to swim the Limpopo.
An impressive entrepreneur….who deserves to thrive!
What is wrong with our Education System? Where are our “Eddies” I keep asking myself…and what could I do to help?