“Motivating” staff…something’s gone wrong!

Disengaged-workersWhen I first became a Manager…almost 60 years ago…I was told that an important part of my job, was “motivating” all those who worked directly under me…be nice to them, so that they would work harder and happily do what I told them to do.

It made sense!

So I became part of a huge investment of time and money over decades, in
things that motivate staff…comfortable working conditions…Christmas parties
for the children…team builds, sometimes in exotic far away places…staff
newsletters…balloons and birthday presents…treasure hunts…prizes…
cookouts…even a staff canteen with free beer when I worked for S.A.B!

But it has not worked!

Reliable surveys including our own, prove that, a very high percentage of staff
are not “motivated” by work…they are what we call “disengaged”…they come
to work but they leave their energy at home. Or, which is worse, they bring
their negative energy with them and use it destructively around them.

At best, some feel that they belong to an organisation of which they are

It’s a huge investment with an alarmingly low pay off!

Where did we go wrong?

Quite simply…thinking that I can “motivate” you…or anyone for that matter.

Only you can motivate you! Only you know what makes you special. Only
you know what buttons to push, or levers to use. Only you are at the centre of
your network of relationships…positive and negative. Only you can tell your
pleasure from your pain.

Only you can manage…better still master, your energy on a sustainable basis.
All I can do, is help you, guide you, show you, even teach you if I know how

Steve and I have been sharing that understanding with more than 50 thousand
fellow travelers on what we call the Energy Journey for over 20 years.

We try to help people to see and understand that their energy is their most
precious asset…and then to take personal responsibility for mastering it in a
sustainable way. It’s what we enjoy doing most…and we believe that this is what we do

Have you had similar experiences with your staff?

We would love to hear about it.