The Art of the Idea by John Hunt

I am constantly inspired by John Hunt’s simple wisdom, captured in his book “The Art of the Idea”. Hope it stretches your thinking.

“Anyone can have an idea. If we are all supposed to be equal before the law you’re even more equal before the idea. The right to see something from a new perspective belongs to us all and because it is a personal internal right we choose to exercise, no one can stop one from doing it.

Even the worst authoritarian governments can’t stop you from thinking. Free thought is what they fear above all else.
The most banana of republics intuitively know they are just one brave idea away from collapse. Ultimately they understand they will lose. No army, no torture room, no suitcase stuffed with unmarked bills can help them.

This raw power belongs to everyone. More importantly, the quality of its output does not depend on age, race, gender, nationality, qualification or profession. Sadly though we always diminish its force by trying to segment its potential. We tend to ask the same people in the same space to come up with something new.

It’s not that they’re inappropriate, it’s just that familiarity tends to breed…well, familiarity. They are hamsters in the same cage; at the very least, they need to be given a new wheel”

His book was originally published in 2009 ! Can we look to wise old men and women…or perhaps to the millenials?

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