Anything you can do I can do better!

That song sung by Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire was one we all knew in that era, but we males never took it seriously! Women couldn’t challenge men at anything! Such a thought was absurd.

Surely fifty or even sixty years later I find a piece of writing by a young lady, Chloe Holenstein, on the writing desk of my hotel room at the deHoek Country Lodge.

It’s a very challenging point of view and an audacious challenge! Essentially she claims that anything a man can do a woman can do better.

“We are preparing ourselves for a female takeover” she says and I am delighted, I can’t wait. Men have made such a mess – a matriarchal society will be just in time to save the planet … hopefully.

Chloe’s article follows in full!:

Faith Whittelsey once said: “Remember, Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did, but she did it backwards and in high heels”.

Changing a tyre, jumpstarting a car engine, wiring a plug  … mowing the lawn, fixing the toaster and consuming large amounts of beer in a short space of time all sound purely masculine. However, as society is gradually changing, we face a new breed of woman who are willing to take on new challenges in order to prove to the world that whatever men can do, we can do better!

While taking time to absorb the cycle of domestic life, I endured the pain of my mother’s begging as 3 light bulbs needed replacement. For 48 torturous hours, my mother consistently asked my father to change the bulbs. With every request came the same answer: “I will change them when I have some time.” However, being a busy man, he never got around to doing the job. And so, my mother surrendered to her frustration and changed them herself, therefore softly breaking the stereotypical mould of being a woman. Women no longer wait for their male counterparts to perform, but rather take on the challenge themselves.

We are blessed with numerous admirable qualities, enabling women to empower themselves, which brings about a sense of independence and vigour. We posses certain qualities that enable metamorphism – one moment we can adhere to the etiquette of being a lady, the next, we can act with strident attitude and venom so strong, it is aimed at crushing any egocentric male insolence. Women are proving to be more capable than what ‘just’ meets the eye…And we perform with a sense of style and grace that leaves men looking sloth-ish, clumsy and awkward.
Often we hear of women who have summited Mount Everest, trekked through the roughest of terrain, topped the TIME Magazine’s most influential people or have created an empire…Not so long ago, these would all have been male dominated achievements. Turn the pages of any metropolitan magazine and find a woman who spends her free time searching for rare reptiles, or the adrenaline seeker who spends most weekends at a sky diving club – women are becoming more dimensional.

With relentless persistence, we are raising the bar. We no longer settle for the ‘ordinary’, we strive to achieve the extraordinary. Women no longer have to face the limitations of society, they no longer have to settle for the mediocre. We are no longer bound to the conformities of antiquated expectations of the female’s role in society. We have willingly handed in domestic bliss for the grind and excitement of well paid jobs, hiking boots and power tools. Modern, everyday heroines silently exercise feminism in their pin-stripe suits, provocative attitudes and gruelling work ethic. Ambition, wit and gusto offer the perfect ammunition for a woman to conquer and reign in a man’s world. Women have taken the opportunity of embracing their strength, will power and endurance. We are preparing ourselves for a female takeover where women will exercise the attitude of  “whatever you can do, I can do better.”


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  1. I don’t like the sound of a male I think women should stay as they are..Doing what men do won’t necessarily make women any happier.

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